Russia’s Game Insight Makes $300K in First Two Weeks From My Country iPad App

Game Insight — the multimillion dollar mobile-social gaming company run by five women out of Russia — is continuing its winning streak. It said that its city-building sim My Country raked in $300,000 in the first two and a half weeks on the iPad.

You can see below that the My Country iPad app has managed to stay among the top #10 grossing iPad apps in the U.S. for the last two weeks or so. So a $1 to $1.5 million monthly revenue runrate may be what other apps that maintain consistent ranking around there are pulling in as well.

The company, which is made up of 300 male engineers in 12 studios run by five women, operates on 20 different social networking and mobile platforms globally. It does have a presence on iOS. But Game Insight has really found its forte on Android, where it controls two of the five top-grossing games in Android Market under the label Cooper Media Corp. It previously held the #1 spot but was recently knocked down one notch by DeNA-owned Gameview Studios’ Tap Fish.

The company has been unusually forward with its revenue figures in the past, saying that it makes slightly more than $1 million per month in net revenue from its #1 top-grossing Android app. Sources that have looked at the company for either investment or acquisition purposes say that Game Insight’s portfolio is large and that the revenue figures it shares are legitimate. The issue is that with Russian companies, it can be hard to tease out what entities own what intellectual property.

The company was bootstrapped by Alisa Chumachenko, who was a marketing executive at a gaming holding company called Astrum Online that was backed by Facebook investor Digital Sky Technologies. That company was later merged with, after which Chumachenko left and started Game Insight with her own capital.