Russia’s Cosmonauts Hit Instagram for Good Publicity

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Given the many, many technical and cultural difficulties broadcast to the world during the Sochi Winter Games, we understand why the former Soviet Union’s space program Roscosmos has taken a cue from our own NASA and started an Instagram account to change the public perception that its government may not be the world’s most effective.

Space shuttles, unlike hotels, can’t operate without doors or drinkable water—and the org does at least have some great cameras.

A couple of cool shots after the jump…

Spokespeople said the agency aims to “improve lines of communication to bolster public excitement”, claiming that the social media accounts “had already attracted a number of useful comments.”

We’re not quite sure what that means, but so far it seems they’re not quite as savvy as NASA when it comes to making topical headlines: we’ve seen no portraits of the “polar vortex”, mentions of “alien worlds” or Star Wars/ Trek references.

Maybe they just need their own Commander Hadfield:

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