Russian Social Network Vkontakte Asked to Remove 500+ Illegally Uploaded Movies

Vkontakte, one of the largest social networks in Russia, has been asked by a consortium of Russian producers to pull down a bunch of content uploaded by its users.  The uploading of illegal content is always a hot topic once a social network comes of age and demands enough attention, and this news can be attributed to the growing pains of the still expanding Vkontakte network.

The association of Russian producers sent a letter to VKontakte, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, which asked them to pull a giant list of illegally uploaded films.  The group threatened legal action.  Vkontakte has been in this position before, and in Russia, social networks are a major source of streaming, pirated movies.  The RIAA also put Vkontakte on a list of groups that share illegal music often enough to be causing significant profit loss for American artists.

We recently covered Vkontakte’s role in Russian protests , and it seems that some of the netwo
rk’s 30 million monthly active users seem to be using it to get around institutions, be they recording associations or corrupt governments.