Russian Officials Asked To Post ‘Proper Messages’ On Twitter

As a site known for celebrity meltdowns and scandals such as Weinergate (he just returned to Twitter today, by the way), Twitter probably tops the list of PR reps’ ‘nightmares waiting to happen.’

So it’s not surprising that Russian officials have decided to err on the side of caution and recommend its officials show restraint when posting to Twitter.

Why? They’ve been a bit naughty in the past.

This is not a scandalous post. Russian officials cited as examples here have done little beyond posting a picture of a worm on a dinner plate (during a government-sponsored dinner though). But it’s interesting to note that the Kremlin is taking steps to put a social media policy, of sorts, in place for its politicos.

Why wouldn’t they? And why haven’t others?

According to Russia Today, the “Russian Presidential administration plans to limit regional governors’ activity in popular micro-blog Twitter in order to avoid embarrassments like that over a worm in a plate at dinner in the Kremlin.”

Governors will soon be recommended to post only proper messages. Otherwise, the Kremlin might ban state officials from using the networking service at all, writes Izvestia daily.

The Kremlin has a pretty active (and very proper-posting) Twitter, so it’s setting a good example. But this is not surprising as they consider getting called out for tweeting in the middle of an important meeting to be scandalous. The worm pic was apparently scandalous too, by the way.

But beyond mocking what one does/doesn’t find scandalous, even if you or your firm has a super-high threshold for vulgarity (as seems to be the case for many tech blogs where the f-bomb is tossed around as casually as one says hello) – there should be some sort of social media guideline in place to define what is/isn’t acceptable online when one is acting as the voice of your firm.

So look to the Kremlin as the social media trailblazers on this one. Consider THAT for a moment.

(Social responsibility image from Shutterstock)