Russert’s Book Factory

On Wednesday’s “The Daily Show”, Jon Stewart asked Tim Russert if he’s simply turning into a best-selling book machine. Russert’s latest book, “Wisdom of our Fathers” is a collection of letters he received in response to his last book, “Big Russ and Me.”

Russert: What I found was I got 60,000 letters and emails from all across the country…none of them talked about an expensive vacation nor a material gift. It was all “was my dad as there when I needed him?” or with the right touch or the right support, he sacrificed…

Stewart: And your assistants had to read all of these? (LAUGHTER)

Russert: I read them all…took me a year and a half…

Stewart: So this is basically those letters. Slap your picture on it…What’s the next, the next book will be receipts that people used to buy books about my father? What’s your game Russert?

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