Russert Gets Around

What the heck was Tim Russert doing on “Late Edition” this Sunday? Well, the obvious answer is hawking his new book (even though he carefully hid that by also talking about Iraq, President Bush’s poll numbers, gay marriage, and blah blah blah.)

That led to this interesting exchange between Wolf Blitzer and Russert:

    BLITZER: We’re the last word in Sunday talk. You know that, right?

    TIM RUSSERT, HOST, MEET THE PRESS: Because if it’s Sunday, it’s “Meet the Press.”

    BLITZER: And we’re the only one that’s seen live around the world in 240 countries.

Russert has also been jumping over to other networks (like Fox) to hawk his book as well.

This raises a number of questions:

  • While it’s permissible for Russert to go elsewhere to hawk his book, is going to a competitor show appropriate? Or is it just a slick way of getting around the fact that he can’t hawk it on his own show?

  • What was “Late Edition”‘s reasoning for having him on? Is Russert really that much of a ratings machine?

  • What’s NBC’s reaction to all of Russert’s network jumping?

    What do you think? Our Poll Of The Day question:

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