Russert: Coverage Notes

Begging the question, “Too soon?” … Some folks are already wondering whether the coverage of Tim Russert’s passing has been excessive (we have certainly been all over it).

FishbowlDC’s take: One could certainly argue that the expansive coverage of Russert has to do with the fact that there’s nothing that journalists like talking about — or, to the benefit of this website, read about … — more than themselves, and Russert’s death gave them an excuse to wax poetic about their craft.

BUT: As it’s been made abundantly clear — both in Mark Leibovich’s recent piece “Tiny Town” and in the flood of anonymous tips, tributes, book sales, etc. — Russert was more than a journalist: He was a BIG DEAL.

Anyone who can make the president of the United States stop his day to pay tribute to … anyone who can make his books go to #1 on … anyone who can make the two presidential candidates interrupt their day to pay their respects … anyone who can get Bruce Springsteen to dedicate a song to him … deserves the coverage.