Russell Simmons: Give Unconditionally to Become Super Rich

You wouldn’t expect a book from a music, fashion and entertainment mogul to cover meditation and “succeeding through stillness.” But, in his sophomore title Super Rich, Def Jam Records co-founder Russell Simmons attributes his success to focusing on hard work itself, not the financial rewards it might bring. And even struggling writers, he says, can benefit from that principle.

“If you’re a writer, you write. If you’re a ball player, you shoot the ball, don’t you?” Simmons explained in our @MediaBeat interview.

“The idea of giving is the same idea that I embraced when I put my first record out, ‘Christmas Rappin,’ in 1979… We gave it away until people demanded it and then they decided to buy it. And I think that that’s what a good writer has to do as well. I hope that people know that that’s the process. You give, you know, unconditionally if you can, but if not you trade. But you try to just give.”

@UncleRush also detailed how he launched Global Grind and what aspiring entrepreneurs should know before approaching him with an idea. “It’s very difficult to pitch me, because I almost always have my own ideas most times,” he said.

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