Russ Smith: The Nation Is Relevant


First, the Alaska cruise, now this. Conservative New York Press founder Russ Smith finds The Nation — which, historically has found its voice during Republican administrations — as politically and culturally relevant. From The New York Press:

”Flush with almost unprecedented commercial success, it could be that The Nation has purposely dialed down the incendiary rhetoric (with the glaring exception of bon vivant columnist Eric Alterman, whose self-righteousness is exceeded in ugliness only by his spurious and continuing claim that The Times is not a liberal newspaper) as editor Katrina vanden Heuvel makes the rounds on cable talk shows with the near-ubiquity of a Howard Fineman or Pat Buchanan. And that’s fine with me, since the pages of The Nation are comfortably earnest, almost devoid of the obscene noblesse oblige hypocrisies of The Times.”

The patronizing tone notwithstanding, a favorable comparison to The New York Times from Smith, a longtime admirer of The Gray Lady, is faint praise indeed.

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