Rush & Malloy‘s Homoerotic Yankees Item

1002chamberlain.jpgWhat’s happening over at the Yankees’ PR department? From this morning’s Rush & Malloy:

While you may have heard that Yankees Joba Chamberlain, Tyler Clippard, Ian Kennedy and Jeff Karstens were hanging at The Plumm last week celebrating Joba’s 22nd birthday, the best part was left out: The fellas were having such a good time, they took turns giving each other lap dances.

But the real story here is the fact that this item ran in the first place. When he was in day-to-day control of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner was a media obsessive who had no trouble calling in Howard Rubinstein or anyone else necessary to kill or spin even mildly controversial items.

Of course, Steinbrenner has been suffering from senile dementia for some time now. The question of who exactly is in charge of day-to-day operations of the Yanks is a valid one. But it all comes down to this… If Steinbrenner in the ’80s was going nuts spinning the whole Don Mattingly/facial hair thing, how would he have coped with an item claiming his players were giving each other lap dances?