Rush Limbaugh’s Audience Loves Ads, Not Rush

Rush Limbaugh (pictured) has an extremely successful radio show. As an engine for attracting advertisers, it’s unparalleled.

Too bad a just-released report discovered more people listen to The Rush Limbaugh Show‘s commercials than the actual show.

A recent study by media marketing firm Coleman Insights analyzed the listening habits of Limbaugh’s audience [PDF]. The study noted some interesting things. As the research firm put it:

“Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated radio show generates higher listener shares during commercials than during the actual show. This finding shows that the Rush Limbaugh audience has extremely high anticipation for the show and tunes in through commercials — a testament to his extremely strong brand and the loyalty of his audience. […] The conclusion that commercials during Limbaugh’s show actually have a higher share of audience than does the content is a tremendous finding for all Talk Radio, for it supports that idea that radio is a medium where listeners hear commercials.”

David Hinckley of the Daily News has a different take:

“In an age when advertisers worry about being TiVo’ed off the radar screen, it’s encouraging at least one audience is still tuned in.”

Limbaugh himself averages 5.74 percent of the radio-listening audience while his commercials average 5.92 percent.