Rupert speaks!

The Hollywood Reporter sits down for a long interview with Rupert Murdoch about his new-media strategy. Among the topics is his $580 million purchase of Intermix Media, parent company of

THR: How did it come to your attention to buy [Intermix]?

Murdoch: I think it was Ross Levinsohn, who runs Fox Interactive Media, who first brought it to my attention. We looked at it, and we got so excited so quickly about it because we had decided eight months ago that we’ve just got to have a bigger presence in that area (the Internet), and we need to figure out how to do it. We had been doing defensive things: the Times of London online, the New York Post online — the Times is getting millions of viewers online. Also, you’re getting traditional companies — whether it be the Gap or Wal-Mart or whomever — selling a lot of goods through Web sites, so I think you’re going to find that (the Internet is) going to be a meaningful source of transactions — more than anecdotal.

So, to all the 19-year-old goths at who worry that Newscorp is going to, like, change everything, relax! Murdoch just wants to harvest your page-views.