Stewart, Sanders and the Double-Edged Acronym SWATH

The expression “to cut a swath” means to make a pretentious display, to attract attention. It’s a perfect description of some recently photographed behavior on an LA hiking trail involving director Rupert Sanders and actress Kristen Stewart.

SWATH also happens to be the handy abbreviation being used by the celeb media to refer to the movie that brought these two scandalous lovebirds together. That’s right. Sanders and Stewart cut a swath in and around him yelling “cut!” on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Everywhere we look this morning, there are article mentions of SWATH director this and SWATH set that. It all adds up to some rather bittersweet etymological echoing.

The SWATH acronym has been less prevalent in article headlines. But when it does appear, the term once again has an unfortunate double meaning. For example, the MTV UK headline “SWATH Director “Utterly Distraught” Over K-Stew Affair” might as well be referring to the “swath” Sanders orchestrated far from any green-screen mirror on a studio soundstage wall.

[Photo (l-to-r) of Joe Roth, Chris Hemsworth, Stewart and Sanders at May 29 SWATH Westwood premiere: Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

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