Rupert Murdoch: West Coast Folk Hero?

In today’s New York Times, David Carr typed up the oddest two grafs we’ve ever seen in a story about Rupert Murdoch‘a popularity in Silicon Valley:

At the Web 2.0 Summit a few weeks ago, MySpace held an after-party at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. With a guest list of Silicon Valley luminaries and a party room redone in white – carpet, chairs, table and yes, mostly people – it was a very post-modern indication that MySpace, the social network owned by the News Corporation, was ready to engage with its brethren to the north by opening an office here.

Half an hour into the party, there was a ripple of excitement, and people started murmuring and pointing toward the door. When the crowd parted, I expected to see Mark Zuckerberg, the young overlord of Facebook, or Steve Ballmer, the battle-hardened Microsoft veteran. Then again, this is a MySpace party, so maybe Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? Instead, it was Rupert Murdoch – old school, old media, and at 76, just plain old.

MySpace, SFMoMA what now?