Rupert Murdoch Lands On Wired‘s MySpace Cover, Though He Still Doesn’t Have a Page

News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch is on the cover of Wired this month for a cover feature on MySpace — the social networking juggernaut he bought for $580 million — in an expanded set of “Will a Fox-owned MySpace destroy it?” greatest hits:

Indeed, the biggest challenge to MySpace may be something that’s inconceivable in old media: runaway audience growth. Movie and TV audiences self-select, if only by switching off. But what happens when the audience is part of the show? Participation feeds on itself, cementing established users and drawing new ones. Curious colonists from other demographics are already arriving. Forget the putative horror of being owned by Rupert Murdoch — will a sudden deluge of millions of thirtysomethings send their younger siblings running in the other direction? Senior citizens? Foreigners? (Google’s attempt at social networking, Orkut, has morphed inexplicably into a hangout for teenage Brazilians.) OMG!!! Mom has a MySpace profile!!!!!

Funny. Funny, still, that Murdoch, himself, still doesn’t appear to have one.

His Space [Wired]

EARLIER: Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Have a MySpace Profile

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