Rupert Murdoch: I’m Not A Genocidal Tyrant

However, Murdoch is selling all of Dow Jones’ local newspaper holdings…

Now that Rupert Murdoch owns Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, it’s time for the inevitable positive PR blitz. Which is why Murdoch complained to the Guardian of being compared to a genocidal tyrant.

The money quote from Murdoch’s interview with the lefty UK newspaper:

“The Wall Street Journal is the greatest newspaper in America and one of the greatest in the world, That’s why we put such a premium on it and why I spent the better part of the last three months enduring criticism normally levelled at a genocidal tyrant.”

But enough with Rupert foot-in-mouth disease. According to the Guardian, Murdoch plans to make Dow Jones profitable by selling their Ottaway group of local newspapers across the United States. The newspapers News Corp. will put on the market include the Cape Cod Times, the Hudson Valley/Catskills Times Herald-Record, the Stockton Record, the Pocono Record and the New Bedford Standard-Times.

— Neal Ungerleider