Rupert Murdoch, Hillary Clinton May Have Some Problems


Something tells us the detente and tentative friendship between Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch is over.

Actually, that something is the fact that the News Corp.-owned Times of London just ran the piece above with the picture of Clinton and Huma Abedin that Matt Drudge has been kinda going gaga over.

Meanwhile, despite the Times of London taking an (implied) potshot at the ex-First Lady, ToL DC bureau chief Tom Baldwin is doing his best to throw water on the situation:

Has a “Hillary confidante” contacted Drudge to draw attention to this five-day old story? Quite possibly. The New York Times recently reported that her campaign had opened up a direct channel of communication to the mysterious Mr Drudge.

Why would a “Hillary confidante” do such a thing? The mind boggles.

Could it be to provide cover for other – alleged – activities at Camp Clinton and its surrounding outposts?

I don’t know.

Or… not.