Rupert Murdoch Biography Under Fire

Michael Wolff ‘s upcoming biography of Rupert Murdoch is drawing fire from the august precincts of the Columbia Journalism Review. CJR‘s managing editor Brent Cunningham attacks Wolff’s September VF piece on the grounds that: 1) the article is “a hillock of compassion astride the mountain of evidence that Murdoch has always put money and power ahead of good journalism,” and, 2) that it is an obvious book proposal. Wolff responds to the second point on Romenesko, which linked to Cunningham:

Well, is that good or bad? Does he mean I made an argument and outlined a set of facts that might well be explored at greater length in a book? Seems like that’s a good article. No? Or is he saying that he disagreed with my view on Murdoch therefore it’s damn unfair that it will be a book? And double unfair that I might make money from it — a moral outrage at the Columbia Journalism Review.

Wolff emailed FishbowlNY on Friday, “It’s a book I’ve been dying to do for years. The battle for Dow Jones gives the story incredible dramatic shape.”

— Ron Mwangaguhunga

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