Rupert Murdoch Announces The Wall Street Journal Will Launch “Feisty” New York Edition In April

Rupert Murdoch, media mogul and Ask Jeeves user, acknowledged to the Real Estate Board of New York that The Wall Street Journal will soon offer a New York edition.

Murdoch told those assembled that “I’ve always believed that competition starts at home. So in the next few weeks, one of our other papers will be giving the Post some competition on their home turf. I’m talking about the Wall Street Journal.”

Murdoch added that the new edition will require taking on additional staff members and that it will be in color and “feisty.” Included in this zany publication will be coverage on state politics, local politics, business, culture, sports, and real estate.

Anticipating questions on why News Corp. would launch a new print publication at this stage, Murdoch explained:

Technology is putting a premium on content.

Think of it this way: What would your wide-screen TV be without films and shows to watch? What are iPods without music? What are Kindles and e-readers without books and newspapers to read on them? And what value do Blackberries and iPhones have without the information you want to access?

The answer is this: Without content, all these beautiful devices are empty as an orchestra without a musical score.

A poet, this man is. A feisty, feisty poet.