Running With Scissors May Be A Box Office Dud, But The Duds Are Selling Well At Bloomies

You read the book. You didn’t see the movie. But you bought the clothes!

That’s essentially how it appears to have gone for Augusten Borroughs’ memoir-to-film-to-Details-sponsored-clothing line, Running With Scissors. While the box office returns for the Brad Grey-Brad Pitt-produced film, which opened October 20, haven’t been splendid — $3,246,757 gross through Halloween, according to Box Office Mojo — the clothes, according to a Bloomingdale’s clerk, have been “selling well.” This is hard to believe, as they appear to be as generically prep school fall as clothes get. But the store windows on Broadway (Bloomingdale’s SoHo) have been flanked by increasingly elaborate displays for the film’s clothes for nearly a month now.

I guess we’ll take her word for it.