RunKeeper Health Graph API: Create a System of Health Apps & Hardware

RunKeeper’s apparent goal is to be on every possible smartphone platform. It is available for Android phones, the iPhone and even Windows Phone. Once on your phone, their next goal is to become sticky and stay on your phone and in your daily routine. Part of this strategy is to make the data you store at available by other apps and devices you might use as part of your health activities.

Introducing the Health Graph and Health Graph API (RunKeeper Blog)

RunKeeper says that their goal for the Health Graph and the API that can access its data is to enable the development of a system that can identify correlations between a user’s eating habits, workout schedule, social interactions and more, to deliver an ecosystem of health and fitness apps, websites, and sensor devices that really work, based on a user’s own historical health and fitness data.

Several well-known firms such as Foursquare (geo-location apps) and Polar (body monitors) have signed as partners.

Via GigaOm: RunKeeper builds a fitness network with Health Graph API