RunKeeper for Windows Phone Available Now: Share Your Runs & Walks

Several people who are normally in the top ten of a regional fitbit activity tracker community recently dropped off the list of about 30 people. I asked two of them what was going on and received the following answers.

– I lost my fitbit
– My fitbit no longer syncs with my Mac

The fitbit is a $100 device that can count your steps, track your general activity level all day long and share this information anonymously, within a group of known frieds or as part of a public community. I asked them if they were going to replace their device and both said no. Interestingly enough, both turned to the free RunKeeper app to replace their fitbit. One uses it on an iPhone and the other on an Android Phone.

I noticed that RunKeeper recently became available for Windows Phone 7 and installed it on my HTC HD7. It is a free app there too and can be downloaded uisng the Windows Phone Marketplace.

RunKeeper for Windows PHone (Zune required for Desktop download)

The app worked as advertised and was able to track my location, distance, steps taken and calories burned. It can also share this information, if you choose, in a variety of ways including Twitter and Facebook.

There are many differences between using RunKeeper on a phone and fitbit’s dedicated hardware. If you are thinking of switching two of the big differences are:

– Fitbit can track all of your activities around the clock (they provide a wristband for use when sleeping). RunKeeper is designed to track discrete walking/running activities. Using RunKeeper around the clock is not practical since it would probably drain the phone’s battery.
– RunKeeper can use your phone’s GPS to track your location