Runkeeper: Being Featured in Android Market Can Boost Downloads Sevenfold

A featured spot in the Android Market on January 1 has boosted downloads for the fitness app Runkeeper by 673 percent, according to a blog post by the app’s developer.

While Runkeeper declined to share specific numbers with Inside Mobile Apps, the feature appears to have had a significant effect on its rankings and downloads. The app went from a ranking in the 20s of the Android Market’s health and fitness category to the No. 3 spot. Downloads for the app also spiked after the feature. The app’s Android listing now shows more than 1 million lifetime installs and an uptick that matches the time the feature went live.

Runkeeper did reveal that it had some idea that Google would be featuring its app, but it wasn’t told when or how the feature would take place.

Regardless of the type of app, being featured in the Android Market can translate to anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 more downloads than usual. It really depends on the quality and stickiness of the app itself. While the specific criteria for snagging a feature on the Android Market or Apple’s App Store isn’t known, the going consensus among developers is to create a high quality app.

According to an answer on Quora posted by Fernando Delgado, a product manger for the Android Market, Google reviews apps proactively, and any apps with the potential for a feature are then throughly reviewed by a team of editors and staff.