Run Skype on iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm OS and Symbian Mobile Phones

Have you ever dreamed to use Skype on iPhone or other mobile phones? IM+ from Shape Services is solution that offer you such possibilities. Currently IM+ application is available for BlackBerry RIM, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian S60, J2ME phones and of course iPhone/iPod Touch are supported.

Using IM+ you can call other Skype users over the world, call for a low fee, see who is online and chat with other Skype users. Speaking about calling – IM+ is based on SkypeOut service that offers low fees and will help you to save money for calls. Also the price for IM+ isn’t huge $25 is good deal on my opinion and you will get back all the money by low cost calls very soon. 25 bucks is one time fee and all further updates are included. You can also try this service for free – 10 days is enough time to make your choice.

Skype for iPhone