Run, run, run with Finger Games at London and Finger Olympic

Finger Games at London is a new athletics-themed iOS game from Fingerway. Although Finger Games at London is a new release, its predecessor Finger Olympic has shot to No. 6 in the free games chart this weeks — perhaps due to its title being easier to associate with the Olympics.

Both Finger Games at London and Finger Olympic are almost identical in execution. Both are available as a free download, and both may be “unlocked” to a full version through a $1.99 in-app purchase. Each free version is ad-supported and offers a limited selection of events — two in Finger Olympic and three in Finger Games at London. There is some crossover in event coverage between the two games, but Finger Games at London offers a slightly wider selection in its full edition, offering High Jump and Pole Vault as well as Finger Olympic’s 100m Dash, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, Javelin Throw and 400m.

Events in both games revolve around tapping alternate sides of the screen as quickly as possible and, depending on the event, sometimes tapping another button to perform an action — jumping a hurdle or throwing a javelin, for example. The player competes against four different opponents of gradually-increasing difficulty, with the gold medal only being awarded when the player has beaten all three challengers.

After successfully completing a race, players can compare their scores with the world using Game Center, and share their result on both Twitter and Facebook. Players can also promote the game by sending an email to their friends from the main menu screen. The in-game Twitter facility does not use iOS 5’s internal Twitter functionality, instead requiring the player to log in through the app itself.

Both Finger Games at London and Finger Olympic are relatively limited experiences, but proof that Olympic fever is well and truly gripping the world while the Games are underway in London. It’s highly likely that Finger Olympic and its more recent successor will enjoy a temporary spurt of popularity over the next two weeks at most. But without the updates and new events that the games’ menu screens promise, both will tumble back into obscurity after the closing ceremonies have taken place, since there’s not enough content here to sustain a player base in the long term.

Finger Olympic is currently ranked at No. 11 in Top Free Apps and No. 6 in Top Free Games, and is the top gainer in the free games chart this week. To follow its progress and that of its successor Finger Games at London, check out AppData, our tracking service for iOS and social games and developers.