Run a virtual campaign for president at U4Prez “socio-political” networking site

u4prez_logo1.jpgPolitics is a serious business, and only a few individuals can muster the courage, stamina and stomach to enter it and come out either victorious or loser. But not with, a social networking site that takes a spin at political campaigning and running for presidential and unlike real politics, makes it fun.

U4prez lets you become candidates for presidential election. You can build your virtual campaign mechanism, platform, issues boards to discuss issues with your “virtual supporters create press releases and run your campaign machinery. And come virtual election time, find out if you are successful enough and become a “virtual president”

Another feature of U4prez is the debate portal among presidential candidates. And by debate, I mean real debate on serious issues. The candidates are really taking the discussions seriously. The debate serves as the site’s community forum as well. Where other members can campaign for a presidential candidate or campaign to boycott all the candidates. Now, that’s what I call democracy in the real sense of the word.

I know you must be asking yourself by now – “what the heck?” But hey, U4pres is not all for fun. It’s got some serious side into it as well. U4pres got some valuable information regarding the ongoing US presidential campaign trail via a news snippets running on the front page of the site.

So, are you ready to take the presidential trail for a spin? Do you have what it takes to win a presidential election trail? Why not try it out and have fun along the way.