Rumsfeld Steps Down; Nation Claims It Ran First Editorial Calling For It


Within minutes of the announcement of Donald Rumsfeld stepping down as Defense Secretary, those liberal smartypants at The Nation remind us that their 2003 editorial, they claim, was the first to directly call for Rumsfeld’s head:

Rumsfeld Should Go

by The Editors

(from the April 21, 2003 issue of The Nation)

The Defense Secretary should resign–now. Although George W. Bush is ultimately responsible for the catastrophe unfolding in Iraq, it is Donald Rumsfeld who is the Cabinet member directly charged with planning and carrying out the nation’s wars. He should take with him those two self-inflated policy warriors, Paul Wolfowitz (his deputy and Richard Perle (head of the Defense Policy Board until his venality was exposed). Together with Vice President Cheney, they were the principal architects of this venture, in pursuit of which they have deceived the American people, misled US soldiers whose lives are at risk, scorned the United Nations and defied international law.

  • Rumsfeld Should Go [Nation]