Rumors Heating Up About Twitter’s New Financing Round at $3B Valuation

The news was swirling yesterday that Twitter was seriously considering a new round of financing. Started by TechCrunch, these rumors are the result of “multiple sources” confirming that Twitter was recently valued at $3 billion, and would be using this valuation to get more than the $100 million they raised in their last round of funding a year ago September, when they were valued at $1 billion.

Although nothing official has been announced by Twitter as of this morning, we can expect to hear something in the coming weeks.

As we briefly touched on in last week’s Weekly Twitter Round Up, the main contender for top investor is Digital Sky Technologies (DST), a Russian holding firm famous for investing in mature social media ventures. They have already made significant investments in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga.

Adding to the rumors that DST would be interested in Twitter is the comment that Yuri Milner, chief executive at DST, made on Tuesday at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. He said that there were 25 to 30 companies that the firm was seriously considering, and that Twitter “…should be on this list by definition, but we don’t comment on something that has not happened.”

This $3 billion valuation means that the micro-blogging service has tripled in value over the past year.