Rumor: Verizon Will Require Wireless Data Plans for All Feature Phones Starting Jan. 18

I suspect the vast majority of people who read MobileContentToday have a smartphone or advanced feature phone with some kind of wireless data plan. As difficult as it may be for this group of people to believe, there are a lot of people who are perfectly happy with a voice-only plan or maybe a voice+text messaging plan. Not everyone needs or wants access to the Internet from their phone. However, according to, Verizon believes that everyone of their phone users must have a wireless data plan. And, it looks like Verizon is going to do something about it…

Exclusive: Verizon To Revamp Wireless Pricing Jan. 18

DSLReports states: Verizon is going to start requiring some kind of data plan for all phones. Since these plans will range from $9.99 to $29.99 per month over and above voice plan fees, this is a nice chunk of monthly recurring fees for Verizon.

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