Rumor: Twitter Hires Bing Search Scientist Alek Kotcz

It looks like Twitter has enticed yet another former Microsoft employee over to its team: Alek Kotcz, Principle Scientist at Microsoft’s Bing search engine appears to have left Bing for Twitter. Although this is still in rumor phase, there are several indications that Kotcz has joined the Twitter team, and we expect this to be made official in the coming days.

ReadWriteWeb reports that Kotcz appeared on Twitter’s list of employees sometime yesterday. However, he has not changed his LinkedIn profile, his webpage or other social media profiles to indicate that he’s joined Twitter. And Twitter has not yet officially responded to requests for confirmation of his hiring. You can see in the image below, however, that Kotcz has been added to the list of Twitter employees:

Kotcz has worked with Microsoft for 5 years, and his role in creating the search engine Bing was no small one: being the Principle Scientist meant that he focused on the technology of search. ReadWriteWeb notes that his specialty seems to be spam crushing.

If Twitter has indeed hired Kotcz, this indicates that they’re ready to go full steam ahead in revamping, or at least tweaking, Twitter search. With so much publicly available data on Twitter, the benefits of having a more robust search functionality are endless. And Kotcz could be the man to make this happen.

This new Twitter employee will bring a boost in search emphasis to the company. End-users will likely see the results of this in the coming months, as new features like advanced search fields and a better way to search through Twitter’s history – as opposed to currently displaying only real-time results – start hitting

Twitter employee image courtesy of ReadWriteWeb