Rumor: T-Mobile USA Reducing Phone Unlock Wait Period Starting Jan. 21

I have a couple of locked T-Mobile smartphones with no particular urge to unlock any of them. However, I had heard from and read various sources that noted that T-Mobile USA was a reasonably easy entity to work with to get a T-Mobile phone unlocked. TmoNews notes, however, that…

T-Mobile SIM Unlock Policy Changes

Note that these changes are said to take effect on January 21. And, that these changes are actually better for the customer since the wait time decreases in all cases.

You can find T-Mobile’s current official statement on the topic here:

Ask T-Mobile – You Asked: unlock

The current policy statements are:

– T-Mobile can provide SIM Unlock Codes only for handsets sold by T-Mobile USA, with the exception of Danger Sidekick devices. T-Mobile can obtain SIM Unlock Codes for companies acquired by t-Mobile USA (VoiceStream, Aerial, Omnipoint, SOL, Digiph, PCS One, and Powertel).

– SIM Unlock Codes will only be provided after your account has been active for 90 days. Only one unlock code may be provided per customer every 90 days.

– No SIM Unlock Codes will be provided within the 14-Day Buyer’s Remorse period. Customers who purchase phones in CA California or via are granted a 30-Day Buyer’s Remorse Period.

-SIM Unlock Codes are not always available from the Manufacturer. However, T-Mobile will make a dedicated effort to obtain the SIM Unlock code. Note: Other restrictions may apply depending on account type.

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