Rumor: T-Mobile to Lower webConnect 200MB Plan to $10/Month

There’s been a pair of, in my opinion, non-stories about T-Mobile data plans so far this month.

1. T-Mobile Data Plans Revamping November 3rd (Oct. 8 )

2. T-Mobile USA Already has 5GB 3G Cap with Speed Degradation Option. Not Sure What Others are Reporting (Oct. 14)

So, I’m mulling over this new T-Mobile data plan “news” from TmoNews.

T-Mobile Data Plans Revamping November 3rd

The plans in TmoNews’ article look a lot like the plans that exist right now:

T-Mobile Internet & Email Plans (T-Mobile USA)

The only difference is that the webConnect 200MB Plan drops from its current $25 per month to what appears to be a much more reasonable $10 per month.