Rumor: Pinterest May Be Launching 3 New Products This Summer

Pinterest may have some new products in the works. According to Business Insider’s sources, the social bookmarking site will be launching an API and two new apps for iPad and Android in the next couple of months.

In April, Pinterest became the third largest social network in the U.S., according to a report by Experian.

It’s amazing how much the site has grown in an increasingly mobile landscape with every few offerings. Pinterest’s only mobile app, for the iPhone, debuted in September 2011 and was updated in May 2012.

In March, Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann told the New York Times that the team was working on an iPad app as well. (The virtual pinboard will look beautiful on a tablet.)

According to a note on Pinterest’s support page, “We’re working on a dedicated Android app and we know lots of folks are eager to see one so when we feel we’re in the final stretch of its development, we’ll be sure to announce more about it!” If Business Insider’s sources are correct, the “final stretch” is already here.

Pinterest already has a “Pin It” and a “Follow” button for pinners and websites. The company’s support page also confirms that an official API is on the horizon. There’s a form that developers can fill out “if you’d like to be contacted about getting beta developer access.”

Image by f9photos via Shutterstock.