Rumor: Apple Setting a Saturday in April as the iPad Annual Upgrade Cycle?

There was some recent speculation that Apple would announce and perhaps even release the iPad 2 this month. This possibility is fading as the days roll along and the opportunity for Apple to invite the press to a staged event becomes less and less. The first iPad was launched on April 4, 2010 (a Saturday). So, this rumor published in BGR fits an annual release timetable.

iPad 2 will launch on April 2nd or 9th according to rumor

April 2 and April 9 are Saturdays. So, those dates fit what might be Apple’s annual release day-of-the-week for the iPad.

I’m planning to buy a WiFi-only 32GB iPad 2 (assuming such a model is offered). The WiFi-only 16GB iPad I bought last year has served me extremely well. A little more storage would be nice. And, I don’t feel the need for 3G connectivity for a tablet yet (especially if a mobile hotspot is available).