Rumble Entertainment publishing Unity-powered FPS Ballistic

Developer Rumble Entertainment today announced it’s signed the first deal for the publishing side of its business, signing a deal with Brazil-based Aquiris Games Studio to launch its upcoming shooter Ballistic on both the web and Facebook.

We’ve known Rumble’s been looking to sign publishing partners for quite some time, as CEO Greg Richardson talked to us about it back in May while discussing his company’s debut title KingsRoad. Ballistic is a first-person shooter powered by the Unity Engine, designed to deliver a mainstream shooter experience on a browser window.

According to Richardson, the recommendation to consider Ballistic came from Unity CEO David Helgason. Based on the trailer and screenshots available over at Acquiris’s site, it’s not hard to see Helgason was a fan: The game’s visuals look like something out of AAA games like Activision’s Call of Duty or EA’s Medal of Honor.

“A big part of Rumble’s mission and ambition was to work with the very best independent developers who were creating AAA quality games in the free-to-play space,” Richardson tells us. “We must’ve seen 150-plus different game submissions, but this was by far the best game and the best fit in terms of a developer that we’d met.”

The shooter genre on Facebook is still fairly unpopulated, with only a few developers aggressively pursuing it. The biggest shooter brand on the network is easily CMUNE’s UberStrike, though U4iA Games’ Offensive Combat has been gaining a fair amount of attention since it recently launched. That said, Richardson believes the network is becoming a much more hospitable environment for games catering to mainstream gamers on top of the casual audience already present.

“I think when you look at Facebook, it’s an ecosystem in transition,” he explains. “It’s leaving behind the definition that was driven by Zynga and very casual F2p games. It’s moving into the next stage of its evolution where higher quality games that appeal to traditional gamers are starting to emerge.”

However, Richardson notes that he thinks the game will find a much broader audience in the browser space instead of on Facebook. “Gamers all over the world are going to be looking forward to playing really high quality and high graphic fidelity games where there’s no friction in terms of download to get into the game and no friction when it comes to playing with their friends, whether they’re on a PC or Mac,” he says. “They don’t have to worry about consoles, they just have to invite a friend and then boom: They’re in a match together.”

A launch date for Ballistic hasn’t been revealed yet. Richardson tells us the game’s about to go into a closed beta in Brazil, with another beta program set to begin within a few weeks here in the United States. Meanwhile, developers interested in partnering with Rumble can learn more by visiting the company’s publishing website.