Rule # 1: Get your facts straight.

The BBC has gotten its high-toned butts kicked around the world’s block all last year. And they’re off to a fine start on today’s morning news program by getting its U.S. facts…completely wrong.

In dissecting “what it all means” on this inauguration day for its mostly European listening audience, the BBC World Service’s News Hour had on an anchorwoman – one (shrill) Judy Swallow – with the kind of peevish, almost cliched tone of voice that reminds us of Maggie Smith in “California Suite.” Translation: Really, really irritating. There was a bit of making fun of wheelchair-bound FDR and his speech before Ms. Swallow shared her new-found knowledge with us:

“John Kerry and Joe Biden both voted against Condoleezza Rice,” the anchor said with what we suppose was a triumphant smile. Uhm…no. Kerry did, but Biden voted to confirm. It was Barbara Boxer, (D-CA) who chose the thumbs-down. We thought the BBC, since losing its entire senior management in a Dan Rather-type scandal last year, on today of all days, would be sharper and smarter. Oh, and lose the FDR jokes. People here like the guy.


BBC: 0
Listeners: 1