Ruined by Reality–in the UK, You’re a Work of Art


Former reality show cast members are a dime a dozen in Los Angeles, but in the U.K, they’re works of art.
Artist Phil Collins (no, another one) is making a film where people who feel their lives have been ruined by reality TV can tell their stories – unedited. He’s investigating

our ambivalent relationship with the camera as both an instrument of attraction and manipulation, of revelation and shame.

FBLA feels confident this guy has never seen The Surreal Life. But, there must be a smart producer out there who can spin this art-world cachet into some real cash.

Here’s our choices for the Ruined by Reality reunion special.

Toni DragonClean House’s most memorable make-over.
And she asked to be reimbursed for lost days of cable viewing.

Austin Aitken–Watching rat eating contestants on Fear Factor made him dizzy, so he sued.

Bille JeanMarried by America, only to be rejected at the altar by some goombah.

CyndelANTM’s stripper = model. Tyra disabused her of that notion, pronto.

Lionel RitchieThe Simple Life ruined his family name.

FBLA recalls that Camus said

An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.