Rudy Giuliani Suggests an Internet Search as Support for Conspiracy Theory About Clinton’s Health

"Go online and put down, 'Hillary Clinton illness'"

Rudy Guiliani‘s interview on Fox News Sunday over the weekend reminded us of that commercial from a few years back featuring a woman with absolute trust in the internet.

“Where’d you hear that?” asks her friend after she puts out an inaccurate statement.
“The internet,” she replies.
“And you believed it,” he says.
“Yeah. They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true,” she says.
“Where’d you hear that?” he asks.
“The internet,” they answer at the same time.

The former New York City mayor and Trump surrogate on Sunday was doing his bit to help extend the life of conspiracy theory du jour, pointing to the internet as his proof that Hillary Clinton‘s health is in trouble.

In response to a question from Shannon Bream about Clinton’s health in the polls, Guiliani brought up Clinton’s actual health as part of a lengthy response.

“She doesn’t need to campaign,” he said. “She has the New York Times, she has the Daily News, she has ABC, she has CBS, she has NBC, she has an entire media empire that constantly demonizes Donald Trump and fails to point out that she hasn’t had a press conference in 300 days, 200 days, 100 days, I don’t know how long, fails to point out several signs of illness by her.”

By way of proof he offers, “What you gotta do is go online…all you gotta do is go online.”

“Her campaign people and a number of people defending her saying there’s nothing factual to the claims about her health and that speculation about it,” responds Bream.

But Giuliani doubles down, pointing to the omnipotent, always truthful results of the internet search. “Go online and put down, ‘Hillary Clinton illness.’ Take a look at the videos yourself,” he says.

Over at BuzzFeed, Ema O’Connor took Giuliani up on his offer. The search results have changed since, but these were the top two at the time O’Connor followed Guiliani’s instructions:

The top hit for “Hillary Clinton illness” is a selfie-video filmed by a man in his car, entitled “Hillary Clinton Parkinson’s Disease EXPOSED.” The video cites a fainting spell Clinton suffered in 2012 caused by a stomach virus, as supposed evidence of her having Parkinson’s. He also cites some of her “facial expressions,” such as her excitement over balloons at the DNC, as further evidence, and cuts together repeated footage of her laughing and ties it together with the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The second hit, from a personal blog called “Danger & Play,” cites an unnamed “board certified Anesthesiologist” and makes the same arguments as the video.

It seems Giuliani is hoping we are all that girl from the commercial. Or maybe he is that girl.

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