Ruckus Political Social Network To Help New Political Parties Organize Themselves

Mike Allen has revealed in his daily Politico Playbook that Nathan Daschle — son of former Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) — is starting Ruckus, a social network for political organizing. The service will help parties “outside the two-party system” help organize themselves and campaign.

There’s no doubt that political communication post-Obama has been rife with social networking strategies and campaigns, and to see a service start from within the political world is only a sign of things to come. Will we eventually see giant social networks dedicated to political parties? Demobook and Republitter? I wouldn’t be surprised, as the reaffirmation for users would be a social graph full of people that share your beliefs. People love that stuff.

Details are scarce but we’ll keep an eye on the project. The full entry from Mike Allen is below:

Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association for the past four years, is leaving to launch Ruckus, Inc., an online social-networking platform to give individuals the ability to organize themselves for political purposes outside the two-party system. The technology is being developed now, and Nathan is building an advisory board of independent-minded leaders in the political, technology and media worlds. He hopes to launch in late winter/early spring with Ray Glendening, the DGA’s political director.