Ruby Blast Adventures and Zynga Slingo are this week’s gainer and loser among the Top 25 Facebook games of November 2012

It’s been a week since we revealed the Top 25 Facebook games of November 2012, which means it’s time to start looking at the gainers and losers.

Each week, we’ll check out six or seven titles on the Top 25 list by daily active users (the best way to gauge a game’s core audience) and examine how their traffic’s changed over the month-to-date. By examining these audience changes and comparing them with the games’ previous traffic, we can provide an educated guess on how these titles will shift on next month’s list.

Since we’re starting off at the bottom of the list, a minor change in traffic as small as 100,000 DAU can actually cause a title to move up or down by several spots.

This week, we’re looking at No. 25 through No. 19.

25. DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Interactive’s DoubleDown Casino is back up to its peak point of 1.5 million DAU. Since the game launched in 2010, it saw steady traffic gains that picked up dramatically in the last half of 2011. Traffic increases slowed down after IGT purchased the developer early this year, but its gains have continued until the 1.5 million mark was hit in July. The game hasn’t moved past this point yet, but that is in keeping with the gains for 2012, as its traffic has only increased by 200,000 DAU since January. It took approximately six months to move from 1.4 million to 1.5 million, so we may not see another significant traffic gain for another month or two. However, if DoubleDown’s traffic doesn’t increase before December, it’s entirely possible that the game might fall off the Top 25 chart next month.

T23. Ruby Blast Adventures

Zynga’s Ruby Blast Adventures (formerly known as Ruby Blast) started off the month at a high point of 1.6 million DAU and jumped up to 2 million before falling to the current point of 1.7 million DAU. This is a huge traffic change for the game that started in late October; prior to that, the game launched in June and has generally been hovering near the 500,000 DAU mark. The traffic gains look like they could very well continue. If that happens, then Ruby Blast Adventures will probably move up to a spot somewhere near the No. 15 spot in time for December.

T23. Angry Birds Friends

Rovio’s Angry Birds Friends is another game that’s up a bit from 1.6 million DAU to 1.7 million, following a brief swell that saw the game hit the 2 million mark. Angry Birds Friends hasn’t been as much of a hit on Facebook as it has been on mobile platforms, peaking early after its February launch with 3.4 million DAU in April. Since then, the game’s been gradually losing traffic and has been floating around the 1.7 million mark since September. No major update seems to have been announced on the game’s official Facebook page, so it’s not obvious what caused this increase but it doesn’t look like it’ll be long-lasting. Angry Birds Friends will probably won’t move much next month.

T21. Tetris Battle

Tetris Online’s Tetris Battle saw a brief uptick from 1.7 million DAU to 1.8 million, but it’s down to 1.6 million now. The game’s high point came in April with 4.2 million DAU and has been seen a significant user drop off since then; after losing 500,000 DAU within a month of peaking, the game’s been losing approximately 200,000 DAU every month since. Based on this history, it looks like Tetris Battle will probably drop down to the 1.5 million DAU mark before the end of the month, which means it could quite possibly not appear on December’s Top 25 list.

T21. Pyramid Solitaire Saga