Rubicon Acquires Others Online

The Rubicon Project is adding behavioral targeting to its products for publishers with the purchase of Others Online.
Others Online is a 10-person Seattle startup that tracks consumer behavior to figure out individual affinities. The Rubicon Project plans to integrate Others Online technology in order to help publishers manage data providers in much the same way as Rubicon helps them manage ad networks.
“Job No. 1 was to build a great monetization platform,” said Rubicon CEO Frank Addante (shown). “Then add the marketplace. Then introduce a new model. We can help enable that.”
The new model is the shift occurring in digital advertising that goes from targeting context to audiences. The advent of online ad exchanges means advertisers can increasingly buy placements only for consumers that fit their criteria. The need for discretely identifying audiences has led to an explosion of data providers like Bluekai and eXelate. The problem, according to Addante, is none of them has a unified view of consumers, necessitating a technology to manage and value the data contributions of the many providers.
“We don’t own any data, it’s the publishers data,” Addante said. “We’re just facilitating and managing it. It gives us the ability to police the environment, just like police ad networks.”
Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Others Online founder Jordan Mitchell will join Rubicon as vp of data management.

Nielsen Business Media