Rubenstein’s Resolution for NYC

In the Metropolitan section of The Times, Howard Rubenstein joins a number of quintessential New Yorkers including Russell Simmons, George Steinbrenner, the Naked Cowboy, Donald Trump, and Jimmy Breslin in offering New Year’s resolutions for the city.

Rubenstein offers an entire PR plan in a few sentences–recognizing in his own way that user-generated media is where it’s at. No longer can he merely make a few calls, the don of the industry recommends wholesale media training for the entire city:

“I think the city has to create a million advocates for itself by crisscrossing New York and reminding everyone of all the great pluses we have, so when people go visiting other cities, states or other parts of the world, average citizens can promote New York.

Continued after the jump:

What you’d do is have all the deputy mayors in the city visit various organized groups — chambers of commerce, synagogue councils, different church groups — with a white paper, a very simple outline about the cultural institutions in New York, the job opportunities, the educational opportunities, the prestige of bringing a business to the city. Then when New Yorkers go anywhere, they talk it up.

You’d be surprised the huge impact that can have. A million nonpaid, amateur P.R. people talking from the heart about how great New York is? Our resilience, our courage, our strength? It could be a tremendous campaign.”

Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer, a man with his own image problems offers a brief resolution for Wall Street:

I would love to see investment bankers actually do God’s work.