Rubenstein PR Launches New Program for Mid-Level Account Executives

This week Rubenstein PR announced the creation of a program designed to address a problem familiar to many PR professionals: the gap between entry-level and senior management jobs. The primary change involves the addition of several senior account executives (a new position) to the firm’s staff; these SAEs will begin with clear career trajectories and multiple accounts to manage. While Rubenstein just hired two SAEs, they’re in the market for another, so contact HR ASAP if you’re interested.

From the press release:

The purpose of this newly implemented program is to engender proactive and aggressive media placers, allowing them a high-level media platform that will cultivate vibrant career paths at the firm.

Rubenstein PR VP Laura Salerno explains the program in greater detail:

“In the past, Rubenstein PR tended to hire mainly senior practitioners with 10+ years of experience. Although RPR still prides itself on its highly skilled, generalist-trained publicists, the role of senior account executive was derived to help cultivate talented mid-level publicists in hopes that they flourish and evolve into senior practitioners at the firm.”

The new SAEs will report to an assigned VP supervisor, and their responsibilities will include:

“Aggressive media placement…developing out-of-the-box media strategy campaigns and building solid media relationships in order to manage multiple accounts.”

So how does this program differ from those at other firms?

“SAE’s at Rubenstein PR work independent of our senior practitioners and are heavily relied upon for a vast amount of responsibilities that aren’t typically enforced at PR agencies.  They are the primary point-of-contacts for their accounts, lead media outreach, maintain day-to-day interaction with clients, and plan savvy media campaigns.”

Thoughts on this program?

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