Ruba Banking on Facebook Connect to Accelerate User Generated Content Library

Travel site Ruba has just launched, and it’s taking advantage of Facebook Connect to build its user-generated content library.

Ruba features user-generated reviews and articles on travel centering in Western Europe and Asia, with plans to expand as the user base grows. The company is using Facebook Connect to give user guides the ability to quickly share reviews or gather information on potential destinations.

Ruba is a very visual site, and most of the reviews consist of photos with some brief descriptions. There are a few video reviews posted to a Ruba YouTube account that appear both on the home site and its Facebook page.

The site was started by Mike Cassidy, formerly of Xfire, Direct Hit, and Stylus Innovation, and Arnaud Weber, who has worked for a number of technology companies, most recently as a technical lead on Chrome. Both founders have extensive travel experience, not to mention loads of success building successful businesses.

Tapping into Facebook Connect gives Ruba guides and visitors quick access to the travel experiences and local knowledge of all their Facebook friends. Newly posted reviews can be shared through Facebook, and there are already a number of reviews and videos up.

This confidence in Facebook Connect is a strong comment on the power of Facebook to drive all-important early traffic to a beta site. Cassidy and Weber have more than proven their ability to spot trends and turn them into dollars, and it speaks volumes that they are relying heavily on Facebook to build a site that relies entirely on users for content.