Roz Kelly’s Jimi Hendrix Experience

Culled from the perfect summer browsing destination: Mashable's Retronaut.

Under the tag Retronaut, Mashable takes brief trips through “the photographic time machine.” It amounts to one small sidestep for the gargantuan website and one giant summer pleasure for reader-kind.

Among the recent entries is one about Jimi Hendrix. The year was 1968 and the journalistic crush a far cry from the era of TMZ:

New York magazine sent photographer Roz Kelly to stake out the Drake Hotel, where Hendrix was thought to be staying. Rather than lurk around and wait for the rock star to appear, she walked right in and knocked on his door…

Hendrix groggily opened the door to let her in, then flopped back into bed. She shook him awake, and started taking pictures – from beside the bed, and right on top of it.

There are four photos of Hendrix showcased at the Mashable end. Check them out here. The Drake Hotel was demolished in 2007.