Royal Television Society Recognizes CNN’s South Africa 2010: Twitter Buzz

CNN‘s South Africa 2010: Twitter Buzz received an award in the category of Innovative News at the United Kingdom’s Royal Television Society Awards.

South Africa 2010: Twitter Buzz enabled fans following FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa to monitor and visualize Twitter activity, providing an interactive visualization of how many Tweets per minute each topic generated, as well as photos representing soccer topics generating the most buzz, which changed sizes as the number of related Tweets fluctuated. Categories included players, teams, and topics, and fans were able to browse back through an archive of Tweets from the past 24 hours.

CNN International Digital vice president Nick Wrenn said:

CNN competes in many different markets, none more competitive than that of the United Kingdom. It is an honor to be recognized by the RTS among our industry peers.

CNN International managing director Tony Maddox added:

It is very gratifying to win in the innovation category, which speaks so much to CNN’s commitment to harnessing technology in unique and distinct ways.