Royal Story review

Royal Story is a new Facebook game from Fun+, creators of the popular Family Farm, which we reviewed here. The game launched this month and has been gradually gaining traction. It is also currently showing up as a featured game in Facebook’s App Center.

Royal Story casts players in the role of a male or female avatar who is the heir to a kingdom. The game’s plot centers around the player’s attempts to restore the kingdom from an evil sorceress’ curse and reunite their family. This is achieved through some rather conventional farming and building sim gameplay that bears more than a passing resemblance to Family Farm’s “supply chain”-based mechanics. Crops are planted and harvested, then fed to animals, which produce resources such as milk and eggs. These resources and crops are then combined in various machines to produce finished products, which can either be sold or sometimes used to complete quests or building projects.

As the player progresses through the game’s quests, they are encouraged to expand their territory into the surrounding lands. This unlocks new characters and advances the story. Unlocking new territory generally requires a large amount of effort, including reaching a specific experience level, producing a particular amount of products and having a particular amount of money on hand to pay the “toll.” There is a large amount of content available for players to work their way towards, meaning that those who enjoy the game will have plenty to keep them occupied for a good long while.

The game monetizes through its hard currency of Rubies, which can be expended on a wide variety of items ranging from avatar customization items to fertilizer items, which help accelerate the growth of crops. Rubies may also be expended to bypass quest objectives and restore energy. They may not, however, be used directly to bypass timers for producing items.

Social features for the game include the usual facility to visit friends and “help” in their kingdoms, as well as a prompt to share achievements upon the completion of every quest or level up. Helping a friend rewards the player with hearts, a special “social currency” which can be used to purchase certain items or customization options for the avatar.

Royal Story is a solid game, but a fairly unimaginative one. The game’s App Center page promises that it is the “first ever real story based adventure game,” which is not really true — it is neither an adventure game nor particularly heavy on the storytelling. Instead, what we have here is an experience somewhat akin to titles like Zynga’s CastleVille and Fun+’s own Family Farm — in other words, an experience we have seen many times before in other social games. As such, it’s tough to give Royal Story an unreserved recommendation, though with Fun+’s previous strong performance with Family Farm, it’s possible that Royal Story could enjoy some similar success. As such, it’s one to watch for now.

Royal Story currently occupies the 50,000+ MAU tier with a ranking of 3,132, and the 10,000+ DAU tier with a ranking of 1,065. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for social games and developers.


A solid, if rather unimaginative game that does little to push the genre forwards.