Royal Baby Coverage Grips The Media

Perhaps BBC’s Simon McCoy summed up today’s Royal Baby coverage best when he said on air, “Plenty more to come from here, none of it news… But that won’t stop us.”

That mentality also applies across the pond where American media, which was completely sucked into the Royal Wedding two years ago, is totally obsessed with Kate Middleton in labor news. Many live blogs have emerged and are being updated with the latest information, scenes from outside the hospital and even pictures of readers’ babies.

We found live blogs (or live coverage by TV networks) here:

The Atlantic

The Guardian


The Daily Beast

ABC News




A host of other U.K. publications (which definitely have a more compelling reason to be live-blogging this than U.S. publications) have also appeared.

Royal or Republican? (no it’s not the Revolution again) — Sick of the the Royal [insert major life event here] coverage? The Guardian understands. The homepage of the publication’s website allows you to choose whether you’re a “royalist” or “republican.” Choosing the latter will take away the prominently-featured royal baby coverage and display actual news only.

Buzzfeed gets in the game Buzzfeed, not surprisingly, has even gotten in on the action. Matt Stopera posted a listicle titled “25 Things Way More Exciting Than The Royal Baby,” and we’d have to agree with just about everything on the list. In addition to Stopera’s very true listicle, Buzzfeed also posted stories about Middleton going into labor and Buzzfeed-like tangents, with headlines like “10 Amazingly Bad Examples Of Kate Middleton Fan Art,” “No, @RoyalBaby Is Not Actually The Royal Baby’s Twitter Account” and “The Only Royal Baby GIF You Need Today.”

Other royal baby mentionsWaPo published a rather lengthy piece on the Duchess of Cambridge going into labor, complete with a dateline from London.

Royal what? — Some Washington publications are appropriately steering clear of Royal Baby coverage. Notable publications that are avoiding it include Roll Call, The Hill, Washington Free Beacon, Reason, National Review, Weekly Standard and, for the most part, TWT and The Daily Caller (we know, we were surprised The Daily Caller didn’t have some huge special section dedicated to it, too). In fact, they published a piece by Mark Judge titled “Why I hate the royal family” that’s worth a read whether you’re overly excited about Will and Kate’s new kid or, like Judge, completely cynical about the whole thing.

We’ll have more coverage of the coverage as the media thinks of more ways to cover the royal baby and we think of more ways to cover the coverage. Stay tuned.