Rovio’s Angry Birds Stella Spreads Its Wings on Mobile

angry birds stella 650Rovio has today launched the latest installment in its massively popular Angry Birds franchise: Angry Birds Stella. The game is centered around a cute pink bird named Stella, who must protect her home from the evil “Bad Princess.” The Princess is using pigs as her minions, so players will need to fling Stella and her friends at new pig-filled strongholds to earn stars on each of the game’s 120+ levels.

In each level of Angry Birds Stella, players have the expected goal of defeating all of the pigs before running out of shots. However, levels are more complicated than simply aiming and shooting. For one, Stella can hone in on a particular target mid-flight, by tapping and holding on a target on the screen. This causes Stella to ignore her flight trajectory and dive straight into the enemy. This is useful in many levels, where additional obstacles may block a straight flight into a stronghold. For instance, an early level sees players aiming Stella at a trampoline of sorts, to bounce and hit a group of pigs in a hard-to-reach location.

Stella isn’t alone on her journey. She’s joined by a new set of characters named Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca. Each has their own ability and strength while playing. For instance, when using Poppy (a pale yellow bird), players can tap and hold on the screen to turn Poppy into a tornado, capable of drilling vertically into a stronghold from the sky. Meanwhile, Willow can turn into something resembling a saw blade, and Luca can send out a shockwave that destroys obstacles while the bird is still in the air.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their final score. This score is impacted by the number of shots left in the slingshot when all of the pigs have been defeated, and by the amount of destruction caused to the overall stronghold(s). Players will need these stars as they progress, as they unlock additional shots in levels only if they’ve earned a certain number of stars.

While playing, users can collect photographs for their scrapbook, and can connect to Facebook to compare their scores with friends. A premium coin system is also in place, allowing users to purchase extra bird shots mid-level, or a hammer that can be used to instantly destroy pigs without the use of birds. Some coins are earned for free while playing.

Angry Birds Stella is available to download for free on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

[H/T TouchArcade]