Rovio’s Angry Birds Epic brings RPG fun to mobile

If you’re still in love with Angry Birds, but are tired of flinging them out of slingshots, you’ll probably love Angry Birds Epic, Rovio’s newest game in the franchise. Angry Birds Epic offers an RPG adventure to players on iOS and Android devices, starring franchise favorites like Red and Chuck.

In Angry Birds Epic, the pigs have stolen the birds’ eggs (again), and it’s up to Red to go after them, defeating a variety of pig types along the way. Players will recruit additional birds as they complete each level-based combat encounter, and in true RPG fashion, can collect new loot, weapons and more as they progress.

Each level in Angry Birds Epic offers turn-based combat. Players tap or tap and drag on birds to cast certain spells or to trigger specific attacks, with each bird having a speciality. Red, for instance, is a knight, who prefers close combat with a sword. Chuck, meanwhile, is a mage, capable of attacking all enemies at once, or casting some helpful defensive spells on the birds.

Depending on the equipped swords, shields and helmets, each bird’s skills can vary, so players can mix and match tools to suit their own play style.

angry birds epic 650

As players deal and take damage in each battle, a rage chili fills at the bottom of the screen. Once full, players can drag the chili to a bird of their choosing, unleashing a much larger attack (or healing spell) than otherwise possible. Via in-app purchase, gamers can upgrade this chili, making it available instantly at the beginning of every battle.

Players earn up to three stars in each battle, depending on the speed of victory and their total damage taken. Users can replay battles to earn more stars, with more stars resulting in more loot on a battle-specific spin wheel. These loot items are ingredients for crafting healing potions, as well as new swords and defensive gear for the birds.

Angry Birds Epic is free to download on iOS, the Windows Phone Store and Google Play, and is lightly supported with ads (including some voluntary video ads for boosting the birds’ health and strength before battle). Users can purchase premium currency for unlocking special potions, or for “re-rolling” the loot at the end of battle, as examples.

The game is already climbing the iOS charts, and sits at the No. 2 position for top free apps on iPhone, and No. 1 for top free apps on iPad, as of this writing.